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dwarf star stereo delay

price : $185.00

what does this do?

this module has two echo delay effect circuits based on the dwarf star semi modular system. with this module you can add cool delay fx to synth level signals. each of the parameters has cv control with their own attenuators. there are three parameters per channel. the two echo fx circuits are mirrored on the front panel: channel a and channel b.

the fx processing was fine tuned for clean fx processing. when the feedback is fully clockwise it will not go into trashy garbage. you can however patch a cv input into the 'repeat' parameter, have the rcv attenuator fully clockwise, and force it to feedback into loud trash. there is no switch jack on the input jacks. however, all the cv jacks have switch jack internal connections. this allows you to modulated both channels using only the the channel a side. for true independent patching on each separate channel simple patch something into the corresponding channel b jack.

the kill toggle switches kill the dry signal input going into the pt2399 fx chip. it will however allow echo trails to keep going until they die out. so this is not just a mute switch to abruptly cut the echo trails in half. i feel this is better for live manipulation and recording.

width: 18hp
current: 10ma, -6ma
depth: 1.5 inches
fx chip: pt2399.
signal levels for in/outs: modular synth levels -5/+5.

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