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blue lantern
fm pro joystick v2

price : $175.00

the fm pro joystick v2 takes all the features of the original but adds lag, a pushbutton trigger source and much better build quality. the module is also super shallow, perfect for skiffs.

width: 12hp
depth: 1.25 inch clearance
current: +9ma, -8ma

power connector type: 10 pin to 16 pin ribbon cable. red stripe is negative voltage on blue lantern modules.

bi-polar cv control
delayed gate circuit
adjustable lag envelope ouput
push button gate triggering circuit
mute toggle switches to disable joystick with out unpatching cables.

when nothing is patched into the axis inputs, the joystick will output a -6v/+6v swing. this is useful to sweep a filter cutoff for example.

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