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gate sequencer

price : $135.00

the gate sequencer is a 13 hp eurorack trigger sequencer capable of sequencing one track at a time. it requires an external clock source (lfo, envelope, clock divider etc.) to run it. very useful for triggering percussion modules, for example, or sequencing events. there are two gate outputs, though they run off the same sequence. the module is skiff compatible: 1.25" clearance recommended (the module has an actual depth of about 1").

0-5v gate output format

selectable sequence step length: 4 steps, 8 steps, 12 steps and 16 steps, all selected using switches

reset button so you can manually reset the sequence; there is also a reset jack to allow external sources to reset the sequence (so you can create odd rhythms or shuffling).

clock input with visual led (the last led on the led array), and a buffered clock pass thru output jack

16 slide switches select on/off gate sequence command

led bar array gives you a visual of the sequence timeline (the first 16 leds); the 3 led's near the end are skipped, so by default those will never light up; it looks very "knight rider".

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