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blue lantern
hot rails pro (black panel)

price : $265.00

hot rails pro (white panel)

price : $265.00

what does this module do?
this module is used to amplify line level to synth level signals. you can do stereo since there is two channels. internally the pre amp is routed after the pre-amp to a gate extractor, envelope follower, and audio to cv converter. the cv converter is not 1v/ per octave, it is used more as a modulation source for your vco's or lfo's, etc.

the mono adapters will allow you to patch regular synth modules into the pre amp for x10 boosting.

controls: gate threshold, slope detector sense, pre amp booster level.

circuits involved: line level to synth level pre-amp. slope detector, gate extractor, audio to voltage converter. each of these are x2 for stereo or two channel operation.

gate extractor is rated at 10v output. it goes from -0.7v to 10v per pulse. this makes it compatible with a wide variety of stuff out there. if this signal is too strong you can use the blue lantern attenuator for finer control. the gate extractor and audio to cv converter is influenced by a selector switch which chooses three possible capacitors: 1nf, 220nf, and 56nf.

there is a separate slope detector circuit that requires you to patch an input. you would patch here the envelope follower output, or triangle wave is good. you are fre to experiment as this circuit will detect a raise, high state, and fall of a signal. it then extracts a gate signal on the output jacks.

the sale includes m3 mounting screws, the ribbon power cable, and a set of 1/4" mono to 3.5mm mono adapters.

current: +81ma, -61ma
width: 18hp

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