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6hp lm4250 vcf (eurorack)

price : $150.00

introducing the new lm4250 vcf in pro panel. it still has the same tried and true classic design, but with the addition of the new 'brute' switch which makes the filter scream bloody murder.

this modules is in the euro format.

(1) audio input jack
(1) lowpass output
(1) bandpass output
(1) cv direct input jack
(1) fm bi-polar input jack

(1) cutoff frequency knob
(1) resonance peak knob
(1) bi-polar fm knob, where middle position is zero.

(1) brite switch. this makes the filter sound become brighter and the unique high rez gain become even weirder.
(1) brute switch. this has (3) settings--->norm/off/brute. the norm reduces the rez notch peak, while the brute increases the rez notch peak. the off middle position returns it back to stock setting.

this is a great alternative for the russian polivoks vcf. this filter will self oscillate and whistle a nice sine wave with the brite switch activated.

sound samples:

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