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pro duo vca

price : $225.00

introducing the new pro duo vca. this module is made using the new cool audio v2164 vca chip. the ic has 120db of headroom which makes it ideal for clean audio.

some features:
stereo panning.
combine both vcas by mixing them together (stereo to mono output).
ability to be your final output module to connect to your daw.
modulate other external modules using the bipolar fm output.
can do linear or exponential vca duties with each vca.

specs for each vca:
input jack with it's own input level knob.
dc cv input jack with it's own cv level knob.
fm input with bi-polar +/- inversion of the incoming signal. this is the large black knob.
ac or dc selector switch for the fm input.
an fm output available for each vca so that you can pass through the bi-polar inverted signal to an external module.
mute switches to turn off each channel.
each vca can be exponential or linear, selected by a switch.
there is an internal mixer that mixes both vca outputs into one (mono) sum.
panner lfo input jack. this will give a rotor like effect and pan both vcas left/right.
there are two leds to show you the rotor effect.
synth to line level converter inside for easy daw or mixer connecting (using rca jacks).

download the manual here.

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