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blue lantern
simple hexagon vca (black)

price : $285.00

simple hexagon vca (mustard)

price : $285.00

the blue lantern simple hexagon vca provides six voltage controlled amplifiers, each with their own attenuators for initial level and cv amount. the onboard attenuators mean less clutter and fuss from patching into attenuator modules. you can never have enough vcas, but this module will certainly leave you with an abundance. each pair can also be used in stereo, with the lfo ins providing voltage controlled panning (this can be used with non lfo sources as well!). a mix sum is also provided, allowing it to be used as a powerful six channel mixer.

six vcas
bi-polar cv attenuators
open attenuator sets initial level
lfo inputs for voltage controlled stereo panning
mix sum output

eurorack module
21hp width
less than 1.5 inches depth

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