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blue lantern
simple vclfo (blue front panel)

price : $89.00

simple vclfo (matte black front panel)

price : $89.00

depth: 1.5 inches
current: +14ma , -14ma
power format: doepfer compatible 12v headroom

what does this do?
this is another analog lfo made specifically for new clients who are on a really tight budget. i am offering a mini series called the 'simple series', which gives you the basics. so this particular module is good for modulating your filter module or vco module for example.

control knobs: rate knob, skew knob, cv knob

switches: speed/range selection----slow, hyper, normal. trigger activation for square out only.

outputs: triangular out, sqaure wave out
inputs: cv for rate control

download the manual here.

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