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Analog: NoDigital: NoHybrid: NoSampler: No

Arpreggiator: NoSequencer: NoVocoder: NoFX: NoDrums: NoHD Recording: No

Polyphonic: NoMulti-Timbral: No


Module: NoKeyboard: NoRackmount: NoTabletop: Yes

Audio Demo: NoPDF Manual: No

boredbrain music
patchulator 8000

price : $120.00

Boredbrain Music Patchulator 8000

is your pedalboard brain-dead? the patchulator 8000 pedalboard patchbay provides a tangle-free way to change the order of your effects to create new tones using little to no brainpower! with the provided mini cables, just patch signal from your guitar or bass into (and out of) each effect, then back out to your amp or mixer. invent new and interesting sounds while your synapses are firing, simply by rearranging the sequence of effects! all your gear and cabling stays put. oh, and any effect not patched is "truly" bypassed... genius!

aluminum octagon
5.25" x 5.25" x 1.5"
16 x ¼" mono isolated jacks
16 x ⅛" mono isolated jacks
8 x 6" patch cables (3.5 mm)

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