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broken silicon

price : $325.00

here's my answer with up to +24 db cv-controlled gain. currently in production for release in april:

product features
dual channel positive gain capable vca
amplification from -72 db up to +24 db !!!
can be used as audio interface to input from line level gear or headphone outputs
audio rate capable cv modulation
link mode coupling initial gain and cv modulation for both channels
summing output
additional stereo mini jack inputs as well as two mono 6.3 mm jacks
high quality components from that audio and high-end ne5532 opamps
low noise, low thd
eurorack format

use cases
normal dual channel vca
amplifier with optional saturation/heavy distortion
audio rate modulation: exponential ring modulator & self-modulation
audio interface to line level and headphone outputs from external gear
injecting gain into feedback loops for self-resonating

current consumption is 24 ma on both 12v rails.
width is 10hp and depth about 28 mm measured from backside of front panel.

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