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price : $139.00

the m1 is a quad buffered mult. each section has 1 input and 3 outs.

the lower 2 are normalized to the upper 2 mults and the upper 2 are also normalized to each other. if a signal is plugged into either of the upper mults it will be passed on to all 12 of the outs. if both upper mults are used they will pass the signal to the multi directly below. and if a signal is plugged into the lower mult that will only be passed through to the 3 outs of the mult.

each mult is good for audio or cv, 1v/oct cv can be plugged into one mult and feed 12 modules with no drop in voltage.

download the patching chart here.

width - 6hp
depth - 25mm
current draw - +30ma, -15ma

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