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price : $225.00


the vcob is a voltage-controlled analog oscillator based around a classic triangle core vco. it is similar to the ulfo, but with some improvements.

the range of the vcob is one of the widest in the analog modular world. and like all triangle cores the real fun is in the fm.

since we're starting with a triangle core it's easy to produce a real sine wave output. there are also saw and pulse outputs. the pulse will almost become fully positive or negative with the pot, and will go all the way open and closed with cv.

the vcob offers both linear and exponential varieties of fm. there is only one input, unlike the ulfo, and with the fm set to full in expo mode this will act as a second 1v/oct input for things like transposition.

the tracking is all analog and will give 4-6 octaves, depending on how picky you are. it is very stable and multiple vcob modules track together very well.

outputs: saw, pulse, sine and triangle
range: 10 second cycles - 21.4k hz
modulation: 1 fm input with linear and exponential, pulse width modulation
size: 8hp, 60mm (2.1 inches) deep
current draw: 100 ma

download the manual here.

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