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catalyst audio
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price : $399.00

generative pattern sequencing

adjustable seq length from 1 - 16 steps
internal quantizer with 16 selectable scales
constant time (303 style) slide
output voltages from 0 - 8v (8 oct range)
(pre-quantizer) transpose input
reset to last step
forward, backward, pingpong, pendulum, random, and "drunken walk" seqencer directions
firmware optimized for extremely low jitter and tight timing.
synchronized randomization (manual or cv triggered) of notes, accents, ties, gates, and slides, alt cv and octave offset.
independent probability settings of notes, accents, ties, gates, and slides.
independently remove any event on any step from randomization.
sync/reset output
random stepped cv output (0-5v)
global transpose by semitones or octaves.
"slip" sequences forward or backward.
save current settings to eeprom
skiff friendly
awesome buttons.
cat approved.

download the users manual here.

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