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dualfo (eurorack)

price : $295.00

the dualfo is a dual voltage-controlled low-frequency oscillator with the following features:

the main lfo provides three sine waves 120 degrees apart (0, 120, 240 degrees). frequency range is 45hz down to around 90 minutes per cycle. cv control is normalized to the auxiliary lfo sine or the cv bus (link-selectable).

the auxiliary lfo is a triangle-core oscillator with a similar frequency range as the main lfo and includes a diode sine shaper. in addition to cv control, its shape is fully adjustable from saw to ramp and is also cv controlled. finally, the auxiliary lfo is syncable, with push button selection of rising or falling edge sensitivity.

both lfos have bipolar led indicators, especially useful at slower speeds. knobs are high-quality spun-aluminium with knurled sides for comfortable but positive grip. all jacks are high-quality cliff jacks. finally, the 18hp-wide 2mm aluminium front panel is produced in metalphoto giving crisp graphics and a hard wearing finish.

power consumption is typically 40ma per rail. reverse-voltage and missing-rail protection is included as standard.

the dualfo comes complete with four m3 mounting screws and a 16-way power cable.

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