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bipolar half-wave rectifier

price : $65.00

Bipolar Half-Wave Rectifier

the bipolar half-wave rectifier is a passive half wave rectifier, with outputs for the positive and negative rectified half wave. due to its passivity, it can be used backwards, to combine the positive half of one signal, and the negative half of another. the signal can be in the in the audible and sub-audible range, for audio and cv signal processing.

simply put it separates a signal into two parts/channels/halves, the positive and negative half. in reverse it combines the respective halves of two signals into a single signal.

using it in its regular configuration enables the patching of the two halves of a wave to different sound processors, rather than sending both halves of the wave to two processors, and then mixing the signal. when mixing the signal the sound can become muddy very quickly, while splitting the signal will allow the processing which is occurring to be heard more distinctly. this idea can of course also be used the other way round, sending the full signal to the two sound processors, and then patching the processors outputs into the positive and negative sockets of the bhwr. using it in reverse with two audio signals can also yield interesting ring/phase modulation style effects, or, using cv signals, can provide interesting ways to mix cv.

a simple utility module, with countless complex applications.

download the users manual here.

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