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delay 1022 version 2

price : $329.00

this module is no classic echo, but a delay designed for audio rate feedback and sound sculpturing. the 1v/oct. tracking and a feedback cv input makes it suitable for many vco-like applications, for creating drum and string -like sounds and/or for room ambience. there is a certain amount of noise, as to be expected from analog bbd delay modules, however the delay1022s clear and brillant sound in combination with the manually controllable output low pass filter makes this completely tolerable.

delay times from 2.5 ms to 50ms (without t cvin)
cv controllable delay time ( feedback frequency) (good 1v/oct. tracking)
feedback cv control input
2nd delay output behind feedback-contolling vca (delay muting, noise reduction)
manually controllable output lowpass (12db) (noise reduction, sound control)

width: 12 hp
dimensions: 128,5 mm x 60,6 mm
depth: 52mm
supply voltage: 12v
power consumption: 90ma

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