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price : $159.00

the x is a modulator for universal use. the two input voltages x and y are multiplied together. in comparison to a vca (2-quadrant operation), a multiplier also works with negative control voltages, causing a polarity (plus/minus) inversion of the modulated signal (4-quadrants). this can be used for ring/amplitude modulation. in addition, one input (x) is equipped with a switchable exponential converter for vca-like applications and more. the x input also has a manual level control to amplify or attenuate the input signal, an inversion switch and an adjustable offset, which is added to the x input. by using these two control knobs, one has a ‘dry/wet’ style control over the y input and the modulated signal.

the output (w out) is internally attenuated to ensure that the product voltage of x×y is almost in the range between the ±12v voltage supply.

working both with audio and cv signals
ring / amplitude modulation
voltage controlled amplification
exponential conversion
wave shaping
dynamic expansion
one input with adjustable offset voltage
easy to use

width: 6 hp
dimensions: 128,5 mm x 30,2 mm
depth: 35mm
supply voltage: ±12v
current consumption: ˜25ma

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