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jupiter iii

price : $300.00

the jupiter iii, analogue, percussion synthesizer and optical theremin is both light & touch sensitive. it's handmade, built to last and extremely, unique sounding. the jupiter iii will get any crazy analogue sounds you could imagine on the fly - from fat, low bass to super high, sweeps, bleeps and chirps. it has a trigger input to plug any source into it - a drum machine, metronome, mp3 player or even theresynth, can control the rhythm or make the unit sustain indefinitely. in jupiter iii’s manual, percussive mode you can bang on the box to get a wide array of analogue drum sounds. this little guy is highly versatile and can be played many different ways for any situation. get one of a limited run today before they’re all gone!

full analogue circuitry
light and touch sensitive
trigger input control
handmade and built to last
signed, dated and numbered


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