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theresynth (white)

price : $165.00

be the first on your block to own the new laboz theresynth™! it's a handheld, analog synth that makes music from light. unlike traditional instruments with strings and keys, the theresynth™ has no boundaries - you play it in the air using light as your sound source. you'll get unlimited tones and octaves by combining the "speed" & "range" controls. the momentary trigger/on-off switch allows you to play individual notes. it's perfect for dramatic live performances, recordings or just jamming on-the-go, via the built in speaker. getting great, analog synth sounds has never been so easy.

the theresynth™ is a battery-powered (1-9v), photocell theremin/synthesizer - hence the name theresynth™. they have a 1/4? output, built-in speaker and are handmade and built to last in a solid, aluminum, painted, hammond cases, with color-coordinated wiring, white boutique knobs, high-quality photocell & led, momentary/latch trigger and clear rubber feet. each one is signed and dated inside.

here's the theresynth™ in action through a solid-state amp with some delay:

here's the theresynth™ in action with first the led magic wand and then some laser!:

here's the theresynth™ in nature:

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