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euro-duino (assembled)

price : $145.00

(diy kit, requires user assembly)

price : $95.00

Euro-Duino/Arduino download cable

price : $18.00

the euro-duino is a generic arduino-based eurorack kit in 6hp. it uses an arduino pro mini 328 at 16 mhz. there are two versions of the euro-duino available. the first is an assembled module, ready to be mounted directly in your eurorack modular. the other version is a diy kit which needs to be built by the end user.

2 cv inputs
2 cv output
2 digital inputs
2 digital outputs
2 pots
2 3-position toggle switches
uses regular arduino ide for programming and downloading
6hp, 47mm deep

assembly instructions
getting started
main board schematic
main board placement
control board schematic
control board placement

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