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circuit abbey

price : $175.00


the vacvac is a dual vactrol based vca for eurorack.

the vacvac uses 2 vactrols per channel to get 80+ db of attenuation. the vactrols are trimmed to ensure channel and gain matching, so no channel to channel variation or unit to unit differences. the cv drive circuit is jumper selectable 5 or 10 volts, and the modules unity gain at the max voltage. also our drive is biased so egs that have an offset will not open the vca when they are supposed to be closed.

this is a very musical vca. it sounds great, and makes really nice drum sounds. also its soft on/off characteristics means it make a great mute. use it to switch between 2 different sounds.

this 4hp module has a maximum 60ma current draw. module depth is 49mm.

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