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cloak + dagger

price : $225.00

Cloak + Dagger

cloak & dagger is a fully analog filter and distortion module in 12hp for the eurorack modular system. based closely on the classic and coveted arp 2600 "post-lawsuit" 4-pole lowpass filter (submodule 4072), some modifications are introduced including an output buffer stage to compensate for the loss of low frequencies at higher resonance ("resonance compensation"), temperature compensated 1v/oct tracking, and two additional attenuverting cv inputs for controlling the cutoff frequency.

two independent drive circuits are also on board which can be set to drive the input ("pre-filter"), drive the entire output ("post-filter"), both, or fully bypassed. there's an initial drive level control as well as a drive level cv input with attenuator.

drive led color corresponds to currently engaged drive(s):
green led = pre-filter drive engaged
red led = post-filter drive engaged
orange led = both pre-filter and post-filter drives engaged (led reacts to audio input)

43 ma +12v
47 ma -12v
0 ma 5v
25 mm deep

download the manual here.

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