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copilot fx

price : $130.00


the mantis is an octave down fuzz pedal. the are two controls and a switch, the vol controls the overall volume (it's a loud unit, unity gain is around 9oclock of the dial, so be careful), tune controls the sustain level (or how fast it decays), also is to control the line level of the signal that's coming. the toggle switch gives you three spots to get different sounds, the upper mode give you a nice intermodulated sound of the octave, that sounds kinda like a tremolo wich varies the speed (getting faster) as you play trought the fretboard. the middle mode gives you a nice octave down fuzzy synthy sound and the last mode is similar to the 1st mode but it adds other suboctaves sounds.

the mantis is only powered via a dc jack 9v (negative center), there are no options for battery.

dimensions 4 5/8" x 2 ½" x 1 ½".
volume,and tune controls.
3 way switch for various sounds options
powered only by dc 9v power jack (center negative).
jacks on top to save pedalboard space
truebypass switching and led indicator.
lifetime warranty

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