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copilot fx

price : $150.00

the orbit is a fuzz pedal blended with a vco, that creates some wacky, spaceship, laserguns type of sounds. how does it works? the frequency of the note at the input will move back and forth the center/reference point of the vco, the result is mixed together so both frequencies (signal and vco) will interact and will force the output of the incoming frequency to vary it's frequency (the total amount of of modulation will be the difference of both signals), creating some crazy, dissonant and interesting sounds. there's a toggle switch wich let you move the amplitude* of the modulation (it will take as reference the incoming frequency, and the amount of amplitude will depend on the difference of the incoming frequency and the pitch of the vco). orbit is only powered via a 9v dc adapter (center negative as most pedals - boss, digitech, etc)

controls are a s following:
volume - controls the amount of output signal.
mix - blends between straight fuzz signal (left) and the vco (right)
exp - interacts with the frq and the exp jack.
freq - controls the center pitch of the vco
int - set the amount of signal coming into the circuit, with some pickups the pedal will start oscillating when this knob is at full, reducing the amount will cut the oscillation and sustain.
toggle switch
there's a jack for exp control the freq

youtube samples:
keys sampler

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