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critter & guitari
bolsa bass

price : $250.00

Bolsa Bass

the critter & guitari bolsa bass is our new bass machine. it features a sequencer, full midi capabilities, and these six modes:
circle ramp
sawtooth ramp
analog style
filter envelope
fm pad
bass delay

the built-in sequencer lets you quickly create bass lines with the touch of a button. you can even record and playback knob adjustments for things like filter sweeps and changes in delay time or tuning! with midi in and out jacks you can synchronize your sequences with other devices. the bolsa bass also sends and receives note messages so you can use it as a sound module or simple controller.

the six synthesizer modes provide elemental monophonic bass sounds, great for all kinds of musical scenarios. from classic filter sweeps to simple and pure tones, lush fm, and even a stretchy tuned delay which makes great string like drones. the entire keyboard may be tuned over a 1-octave range by turning the knob second from right. volume is controlled by the right-most knob. the function of the remaining two left knobs depend on what mode is selected.

wooden buttons
neon pink powder coated aluminum and wood enclosure (8.1875" x 3.25" x 2.375")
power from 9v battery or adapter (not included)
¼" line output jack
high quality 32-bit floating point dsp synthesis

download the users manual here.

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