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critter & guitari
melody mill

price : $360.00

Melody Mill

the critter & guitari melody mill is a note generation control module for eurorack modular synthesizers. it contains a keyboard, cv outputs, cv clock input, built-in arpeggiators, a sequencer, and midi capabilities. the melody mill brings the fun of the pocket piano to modular setups! with the melody mill you can:
use the cv output to control oscillators
connect your midi controller or computer into your modular setup using the midi input
play notes, record and playback sequences and arpeggios on your favorite modules
convert midi clock into cv pulses
clock the arpeggiator with an lfo for strange melodies
'hold' notes for drones
connect the built-in square wave oscillator directly to a filter or an amp

the melody mill generates 1-volt per octave, trigger, and gate control voltages. these signals are used to trigger other synthesizer modules. notes may be played on the built-in keyboard or received via midi. the notes may be used directly to generate the cv signals, or fed through one of the five arpeggiator modes first. adding to the fun is a hold button and a simple sequencer to record and playback notes. in addition to the cv outputs, the melody mill also outputs midi of the note it is generating.

a 'smart' arpeggiator clock selects a clock source depending on what is connected to the melody mill: cv clock input, midi clock, or internal clock (controlled by the 'rate' knob).

the six modes are:
single shot
up arpeggio
down arpeggio
pyramid arpeggio
alternator arpeggio
random arpeggio

dimensions: 39 hp; depth: 23mm

power: requires +12v and +5v.
draws 60ma at +5v. draws 100ma at +12v.
10" 16 pin polarized power connector included.

shipping weight: 1.5 lbs.

download the users manual here.

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