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critter & guitari

price : $495.00


the organelle makes it easy to explore new sounds and experiment with new ways of making music. it combines playful and intuitive controls with a powerful and flexible sound engine. the result is an instrument that is limitless in musical possibility and a joy to play.

at the heart of the organelle's sound engine is a robust computer that runs patches. a patch allows the instrument to take on different forms. onboard hardware for sound input and output and mappable knobs, keys and buttons enable patches to synthesize, sample, effect, and anything in between!

the organelle ships with a set of common default patches, and new patches may be loaded from a usb drive. simply select patches from a continually-growing list, transfer them to a usb drive, reinsert it in the organelle, and play!

don't see the exact patch you need? you can create it yourself! patches may be created and/or edited directly on the device as well as on a personal computer. plug in a keyboard, mouse and monitor and begin customizing. the organelle runs patches created in the powerful computer music programming environment pure data (and may also be written in lower level languages too!).

open source:
as you create patches or tweak existing ones you can share them with others! the organelle is built with community interaction in mind. the entire system runs open source software and may be customized at every level.

1x ¼" stereo sound input jack
2x ¼" mono sound output jacks (l and r channels)
input & output sampling rate: 44.1 khz; 16-bit
⅛" stereo headphone output jack
¼" footswitch jack

high-contrast oled display screen
4x parameter knobs
rotary selection knob with push button select
volume knob
25x maple key
1x rgb led

processor specifications:
1ghz arm cortex a9
512 mb ram

operating system: linux

boot time: ~12 seconds

ships with 4gb usb drive
patches and any required files (audio samples, etc.) stored here

additional connections:
2x usb port
usb host for: midi over usb & serial over usb
usb 2.0 standard-a type connector
hdmi output port

power: 9vdc, 1.0 amp (power supply included)

physical characteristics:
size: 10.5" x 3.25" x 2.125"
enclosure: anodized aluminum top, abs plastic bottom, rubber foot pads

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