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axis 49

price : $299.00

midi input device designed to help you make music with your computer. there are various benefits to playing on the harmonic table note arrangement, including fast-track learning.

the range is 49 notes, but there are two instances of each note giving 98 keys in a very convenient footprint. now with selfless mode (midi notes 01-98 in columns).

usb class compliant, your computer will recognize it as a midi keyboard and make it accessible to your applications. it currently only transmits on midi channel one.

this is for composing, arranging, and overdubs. there is no pitch bend or mod wheel, and no knobs or sockets for pedals, so you can tell the axis-49 is not designed to be primarily a live performance instrument. but the harmonic table is great for learning music, or to have with you on the tour bus, or beside you when you're creating music on your computer. the axis-49 doesn't duplicate (knobs, wheels, sounds, processing etc.)

download the manual here.

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