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cusack music
tap-a-phase (powder coated black)

price : $325.00

the cusack music tap-a-phase is the world's first analog phase pedal with tap tempo built in.

the optional tweaker adds two switches the pedal, making it more versatile and easily customizable to suit your tastes. one switch allows selection of feedback, no feedback, or vibrato modes. the other switch assigns the option knob to control brake speed, tap divide, or alternate waveforms.

some sound and video clips
the following clips are from bumboxamps. the sound clips are recorded with the following setup: (g&l legacy w/vintage vibes > modded boss sd-1 > modded boss blues driver > tap-a-phase > bümbox jl-30 > sennheiser e609 > mixer > soundcard > some eq, compression, and verb for consistency).

how-to video. this is a 14 min video (37mb) with poor sound quality that shows how the pedal works.
clip 1
clip 2
clip 3
clip 4
clip 5
clip 6
clip 7
clip 8
clip 9
clip 10
clip 11

these video clips were made by donner, and are on youtube.
clip 1
clip 2
clip 3

download the manual here

for more info, please click here for the manufacturer's website.

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