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cusack music
tap-a-whirl (powder coated black)

price : $275.00

tap-a-whirl (unfinished)

price : $250.00

the cusack music tap-a-whirl is the world's first analog tremolo pedal with tap tempo built in.

here are the major features of the pedal (see the manual for more details):
tap your foot twice on the tempo switch to set the tempo.
choose from 8 predefined wave forms, including: sine, ramp, blip, bleep, square, waver, echo, and ping pong
adjust the depth of the tremolo.
brake: you can speed up or slow down the tempo by holding the tempo switch down.
the third knob can be configured to do one of two functions: fade in the tremolo effect, or change the speed at which the tempo is adjusted using the brake function.
this is set by moving a jumper, which is included with the pedal. the default setting is to change the tempo adjust speed.

sound clips
tap-a-whirl on and off
the first clip demonstrates the fact that the tap-a-whirl has no effect on the tone of your guitar. in this brief clip, the depth is set all the way down (no tremolo), and the pedal is alternated between active and bypassed about 4 times. you will notice that you cannot hear when this happens. that is the point.

tap-a-whirl wave forms
in this clip you can hear all 8 wave forms from the tap-a-whirl. in addition, the brake function is utilized several times. here are the details about what you are hearing:
0:00 depth 100%, sine wave, various tap tempo adjustments.
0:27 starting to play with "brake" function.
0:48 sine
0:52 triangle
0:55 ramp
1:01 blip
1:06 bleep
1:11 square
1:16 echo
1:21 ping pong
1:24 brake function with ping pomg
1:34 slower echo

tap-a-whirl + screamer
this clip combines the tap-a-whirl with a screamer fuzz with the fuzz and scream knobs both set in the 12 o'clock position. throughout, the brake function is being used to speed up and slow down the tempo. the waves which are used can be heard as follows:
0:00 blip wave
0:25 change to square wave
0:54 change to echo
1:04 change to ping pong

download the manual here

for more info, please click here for the manufacturer's website.

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