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cyclebox ii

price : $500.00

cyclebox ii expander

price : $80.00

the intellijel / cylonix collaboration cyclebox ii is a complex digital duo vco plus a suboscillator capable of operating a variety of modes. multiple wavetable-based waveforms are on tap for both oscillators in addition to vc controllable wavefolding, through-zero fm of oscillator 1 by oscillator 2, and internal or external sync.

wide 22 octave frequency range (50khz down to one cycle every 80 seconds)

2 primary oscillators plus a suboscillator

8 different waveforms for primary oscs: sine, triangle, sinepulse1, square, saw, squaresaw, sinepulse2, pseudo-random

8 additional externally selectable wavetable shape sets for osc1: random pulses, truncated sawtooth, bipolar pulse, mirrored bipolar pulse, resonant sweep, mirrored resonant sweep, vowels, mirrored vowels

mega mode combining 8 detuned copies of osc 1.

16 nonlinear waveform combinations - like having 16 different synthesizers

quadrature outputs

externally controllable wave-folding

high quality "through-zero" internal frequency modulation of osc1 by osc2 with externally adjustable modulation level

internal and external oscillator sync

external control of internal fm level, osc2 phase and osc2 ratio

led display of pitch octave and lfo output levels

digital sound generation with low aliasing noise

24mhz internal signal processing rate

96khz output sampling rate

dc coupled output allowing very low frequency operation

the cyclebox expander unlocks a wealth of extra features on the already feature packed cylonix cyclebox ii.

for more info, please download the users gide.

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