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saw animator (eurorack)

price : $395.00

turn the sound of one lone oscillator into seven!

(your ear or an oscilloscope simply can't tell the difference between this module and a whole rack of seven vcos tuned in unison!)

this amazing bernie hutchins circuit has been admired by designers for years as a true electronic engineering marvel, (of course here at cyndustries we could not simply leave well enough alone, click here for mark barton's "full story" on what makes this one superior to previous designs).

it's optimized for a sawtooth input, but any single waveform with a slope going into this thing... comes out as a super fat three-hundred pound gorilla of waveforms!

there is even "voltage controlled fat" (imagine that!)

many of us have spent years auditioning low pass filters on the quest for that super rich monster powerful sound, well... i believe you will find the cynthia saw animator to be the secret weapon that will push your sound over that crucial edge!

more than simply a chorus circuit, the animator effects range from creamy lush sounds to totally wacked-out warbling, and as a bonus, there's a cloud of front panel outputs from the six internal lfos that automatically track the frequency of the incoming waveform. (with two oscillators and two of these new saw animator modules, you can spread the cloud of lfos or bring them into focus together simply by controlling the frequencies of the two incoming oscillators). the audio output waveforms vary from staircase waves to multiple mountain peaks and add sophistication and raw power to your music. a slam-dunk "must have" module for any synthesizer!

the eurorack version of the saw animator module is 6 hp/te wide. the frac rack version is considered a half-width module. it has the dimensions of 5.25 inches height by 1.5 inches width.

please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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