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price : $595.00


the mvip is a euro rack module, designed to fit into audio synthesizer racks made by doepfer and other manufacturers. it is a stand alone video module, not part of the larger video synth system that i am still developing.

width: 14hp (2.8 inches)
depth: 2.56 inches (6.5 cm)

power: 140ma of +12 and -12 volts
inputs: composite video (ntsc or pal), five control voltage inputs for +5 to -5 volts
output: composite video (ntsc or pal) matches the format of the input, or jumper selected if no video input

the youtube video of the mvip is fairly blurry so i am posting some screen captures from the original video so you can see the difference. here are a few other screen captures at half size from the original recording.

download the manual here.

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