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dave jones design
o'tool plus

price : $325.00

O'Tool Plus

the o'tool plus from dave jones design is an oscilloscope and set of visual audio tools. it is an improved version of the original o'tool module. it includes:

single channel oscilloscope
dual channel oscilloscope
3d oscilloscope
x/y display
level meter
vu meter
peak meter
voltmeter (with p-p and average dc)
frequency meter
tuner (guitar tuner style)
linear spectrum analyzer
log spectrum analyzer
bpm meter

it includes user configurable settings and can remember settings at power up for three users. that means you can have different settings for home, studio, and performances, or any three different sets of settings.

it is temperature stable and extremely accurate. it can monitor two signals, with inputs looped through to other modules. the scope modes include an external trigger option.

it is firmware upgradable. it has a jumper for internal or external 5 volt source. it has an expansion connector for possible future add-on modules.

power requirements:
80ma +12v
22ma -12v


12ma +12v
70ma +5v
22ma -12v

width: 8hp
depth: 40mm

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