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dave smith instruments
dsm03: feedback

price : $275.00

DSM03: Feedback

more modular mojo from dave smith
the dsm03 feedback module is dave smith's third offering for modular synths. at the heart of this unique module is a tuned feedback line for sound mangling; a newly-designed, resonant, low-pass filter for tone shaping; and a triggerable noise source for karplus-strong-type plucked string synthesis. tuned feedback has been a part of the dave smith tonal palette since the ground-breaking evolver, and is also a key sound-shaping component of the pro 2 and prophet 12 synths.

plug it in and tweak it
the dsm03 is a 10hp wide, standard eurorack-format device with interconnections made using 3.5 mm phone jacks. a set of inputs allow individual voltage control of feedback amount, tuning, low-pass filter frequency, and filter resonance. the module provides one audio input and one audio output as well as an audio trigger input for the noise source.

new filter design
the 4-pole, resonant, lowpass filter is a new digital design, based partially on classic analog filters of the past. it features over-sampling and numerous refinements to the signal path, which is 24-bit, 96 khz resolution for outstanding audio fidelity. it's a great-sounding design that works well both in the feedback context and as a stand-alone tone-shaping tool.

creative possibilities abound
so if you're looking for something esoteric, but still fundamental to the dave smith sound, add this secret weapon to your modular arsenal. from karplus-strong synthesis to metallic, industrial grit, the creative possibilities are wide open.

dave smith instruments dsm03 signal flow

feedback amount cv: -5v to +5v
tuning cv: -5v to +5v
lpf freq cv: -10v to +10v
resonance cv: -5v to +5v
audio in: -2.5v to +2.5v
audio out: -2.5v to +2.5v
audio trigger in: 0 to +10v

internal power connector (ribbon cable included)
current draw (5v or 12v operation set by jumper)

using 5v supply:
+5v = 200 ma
+12v = 10ma
-12v = 20ma

using 12v supply only:
+12v = 210ma
-12v = 20ma

physical specs
1.99" w x 5.06" h (50.5 mm x 128.5 mm)
width: 10 hp
depth (measured from back of panel with power cable installed): 1.54" (39 mm)

mounting screws
ribbon cable for power connection

download the manual here.

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