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death by audio
octave clang

price : $270.00

explore the galaxy of octavia, octave fuzz, clang, ring modulation, and sitar drone sounds. the octave clang is an octave up effect which uses a special selected transformer and matched germanium diodes to create it's rich and pure analog octave up sound. the gain control on the octave clang is balistic and can make your guitar the most evil weapon known to man. the gain ranges from nice harmonicly rich clang sounds to an onslaught of abraisive fuzz. playing chords with the gain turned down brings out bizarre dischordant drones and complex overtones.

this pedal also gets freaking loud! with the volume maxed out, like every good pedal should, so you don't have to worry about your octave sound dropping your volume.

this is an absolute crazy octave pedal. the sounds are lush and destructive and new. this is not jimi hendrix in a box although i bet if he were playing today he would be trying to stretch envelope of guitar sounds and the octave clang.

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