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death by audio
soundwave breakdown

price : $225.00

the soundwave breakdown takes the idea of a screaming fuzz pedal and turns it inside out. it uses specially maatched transistors turned backwards to get it's bombastic sound. the one knob controls extreme biasing of one of the transistors and the other controls intense filtering. although this sounds simple the results are perplexing. the combination of allow a vast universe of fuzz | distortion | overdive | buzz | grind | bleeps | synth sounds | harmonies | and soundwave manipulation. the exact positions of the knobs yeild completely different sounds for endless great insane fuzz tones. be forewarned, there is no volume control on this beast, it is only balls to the wall fuzz and does not clean up when the volume control on your guitar is turned down or anything foolish like that. this is rock and roll inspiration, and damn it feels good.

Sound Samples:
huge fuzz sound
long sample / played while Joe Kelly twisted the knobs
bass clean then breakdown
bass high notes
crazy guitar + 100ms of delay run through total sonic annihilation

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