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death by audio
total sonic annihilation

price : $150.00

stomp on the switch and destroy the world! create your own totally unique sounds and atmospheres the only effect pedals are overdrive, reverb, delay, flange, chorus and tremelo right? wrong.this is a totally unique effects pedal which is absolutely like no other effects pedal that has ever been seen 20hz-20khz smashes and crashes and bashes to ashes breaking and twisting and twirling and sputtering total sonic annihilation is for all of the noise makers, experimentationists, revolutionists, out there -not for the weak of heart ts808 it will make noises like vintage synthesizers, unique waveform generators +many many many more 563khz it sounds completely different depending on what effects pedals are used with it now each and every effect pedal that you own can breath new life! don't throw away your old pedals, try them with total sonic annihilation built by hand with only the best electronic components and only the most extreme care to ensure that each pedal lasts for years and years.

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