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ldb-1 (assembled)

price : $240.00

the ldb-1 "little drummer boy" is a modern recreation of the classic analog drum machines of the 80's, like the roland tr-606 and tr-808. our goal was to recreate the warm sounds of the classics, using all analog circuitry - not samples. the brain of the ldb-1 is a powerful digital microcontroller that triggers the analog drum sounds and provides the sequencer, programmability and connectivity features.

easily interfaces with other instruments, synthesizers, daws, etc. through analog connections, midi, and dinsync.

the ldb-1 has all of the features of a classic analog drum machine in a small, affordable package.

eight analog drum sounds:
bass drum
low tom
high tom
snare drum
wood block
hand clap
closed hi-hat
open hi-hat

eight voice polyphony
all drums can be played simultaneously, including open and closed hi-hat for a super punchy cymbal

play modes
play individual drums
play patterns, including chaining up to 8 patterns
play songs with pattern fills

programmability 32 user patterns - plus 32 built-in patterns
16 songs of 24 patterns each
configuration options (midi channel, trigger modes, etc)
all data is retained without power
powered by built-in 9v battery, or standard pedal power supply
midi input for playing individual drums, and midi clock and start/stop messages
din sync input for both clock and gate (start/stop)
analog clock input
analog gate (start/stop) input
analog trigger output on user-selected steps and/or instruments

drum machine versus eurorack module
what' the difference? the ldb-1 drum machine is a complete, stand-alone drum machine that includes the analog drum sounds as well as a sequencer, pattern memory, and lots of connectivity options. the ldb-1e eurorack module contains just the drum sounds waiting to be triggered by any clock, lfo, or sequencer in your rack.

download the users' manual here.

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