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thunderclap (eurorack; assembled)

price : $120.00

the delptronics thunderclap is a classic analog hand clap effect based on the famous hand clap sound of the tr-808 and tr-909 drum machines. our version has extra knobs to tweak the sound from claps to finger snaps to snares to cymbals to thunderous crashes.

the thunderclap has four knobs: noise level, filter, decay and volume. the knobs can be ajusted to create hundreds of unique percussion sounds. turn the knobs to approximately 11 o'clock for the clasic hand clap. turn them all the way up for an effect that sounds like getting hit in the face with a metal trash can lid!

the thunderclap can be manually triggered by pressing stomp/trigger button, or externally triggered by any positive pulse from a synthesizer, sequencer, or drum machine. it makes a great accompanyment to a tr-606 or delptronics ldb-1.

it also also has a built-in mini-sequencer. holding down the record button records a series of trigger events (button or external) and the pauses between them (e.g. "clap - - - clap - clap"). then, whenenver it is triggered, it will play back the recorded sequence instead of a single clap. if you press the record button while the trigger button is already pressed, then the recorded sequence repeats in a loop. a trigger event stops playback of the loop. pressing and releaseing the record button with no trigger events clears the recorded sequence. the sequence can be up to 32 steps long, and the pauses can total up to two minutes.

the thunderclap stompbox comes fully assembled and tested in a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure with awesome graphics.

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