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detachment 3
huffer: 4-row slave voltage sequencer
(with 3.5mm jacks)

price : $1,000.00


the huffer is an expander for the archangel sequencer, which adds an extra 4 unquantized rows of voltage outputs per unit. using the detachment 3 uplink bus, the huffer slaves to archangel's sequencer system and follows along with the settings you have programmed into the sequencer.

up to 100 huffers can be cascaded to expand your sequencing suite without audible clock skew (<0.25msec). also, thanks to the open uplink bus specification, the huffer can be used with any third-party sequencer or module supporting uplink.

sequencer slave
stages: 16
rows: 4
bpm range: maximum 700bpm, depending on controlling sequencer.

i/o, electrical and mechanical
front outputs: row a-d, sequential switch ab, cd and abcd
rear inputs: dc power, uplink input
rear outputs: uplink output
jack formats: either 3.5mm or ¼" phone jacks
cv output range: 0-5v
power supply: external 9vdc @ 1a
dimensions: 482.6mm x 174.96mm x 2.5mm / 19in x 6.89in x 2.5in (wxhxd)
weight: 2.5kg / 5.51lbs

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