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price : $499.00


du-seq is an analog pulsing sequencer with a highly intuitive interface. the 1v/octave pitch signal path is fully analog, and the gate signal is generated entirely from discrete 7400-series logic (nomicrocontroller) clocked directly from a built-in clock with tempo and gate width settings, or an external clock/gate signal.

each of the up to eight steps has a two-octave pitch range and can be assigned to pulse or count up to eight times using one of six gating patterns -- including two external gate pattern inputs -- allowingfor a huge diversity of musical possibilities.

other features include cv control of step direction, cv selection of the next step, slew rate limiter assignable per step, and a half-clock button and cv input. fuzz the direction input with noise togenerate a glitch in the sequence on tempo.

download the user manual here.

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