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devi ever usa
spectacular aenima

price : $195.00

fuzz half
- volume knob : fuzz volume, master volume when Loop footswitch is engaged
- raze knob : fuzz control
- temper knob : fuzz control
- flush knob : fuzz control
- chaos flip switch : alternate fuzz mode
- fuzz foot switch : bypass fuzz

loop half
- feedback knob : feedback loop intensity when Feedback flip switch is engaged
- feedback flip switch : engages feedback function of loop
- eye flip switch : engages photo sensitive eye
- loop footswitch : bypass loop

- Devi Ever pedals are very organic in their designs, and can work differently with different gear (sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic)!

- by adapter : 2.1mm negative tip, any mA value will do
- by battery : 9 volt (unscrew the back to access the battery snap)

misc. specifications:
- size : "tbd size" : approximately 4.7" length, 3.7" width, 1.18" height
- bypass : true bypass

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