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diamond pedals
boost eq

price : $179.00

we've had several requests since the diamond compressor was released a couple of years ago to take its tone shaping capabilities and build a guitar front-end driver without the compression. the boost-eq combines a very low-noise 16 db discrete clean boost with an innovative parametric eq section. this eq combines the powerful tilt equalization control from the diamond compressor plus a new midrange cut/boost control. this new parametric eq section places the midrange control right at the fulcrum of the spectral tilt eq, giving a unique and powerful tone shaping tool with just two knobs. for clean boost purists, the eq in/out switch allows removal of the eq circuitry from the signal path when not in use. standard 9v battery or 9 to 18v external -ve tip ac adapter operation.

maintaining a clean signal within the boost-eq, the up to 16 db signal boost (about a 6.5 time increase in a guitars output voltage swing) can push most tube amp input stages well into overdrive territory - but with a wider frequency range and more responsive feel than standard diode clipping overdrive pedals. the boost-eq's simple goal is to enhance the natural drive character of a guitar amp's tubes - anywhere from a light clean solo boost with 2-4 db of gain, to heavier tube breakup with higher boost gains. the versatile tilt eq gives spectral shifts that 'tilt' around a centre midrange frequency ->> a midrange frequency range that itself can be boosted or cut as desired with the mids control. use the tilt control to subtly lighten or darken your tone, then use the mids control to add more solo bite by increasing mids, or tailor a gently scooped clean rhythm tone by decreasing mids. this powerful parameteric combination can generate a wide range of frequency response templates - from an increasing slope telephone set response to smokey jazz roll-offs to humbucker tones on single coils.

- premium audio components, including 2% polypropylene capacitors,1% metal film resistors and a pro audio grade opamp (our signal path opamp alone costs 8 to 10 times what the industry norm uses).
- post-boost 'tilt' eq provides a very musical tailoring of frequency response - seamlessly transition from a darker jazz voicing to a brighter jangle, with flat frequency response at the center detent position.
- midrange cut/boost eq placed at the fulcrum of the tilt eq for a unique parametric eq response
- dual ac capacitive coupling paths for improved transient response.
- true bypass signal path.
- battery or standard negative tip 9v dc adapter operation, can be powered from 9 to 18 v negative tip.

listen to the first boost-eq sample here (a no-effect section followed by the boost-eq). recorded using a rickenbacker 330 w/flat wounds into the boost-eq (gain around 8 db, eq flat) into a fender '57 bassman ltd reissue, tracked with coincident sm57's into an api 3124+ mic pre into an alesis hd24xr. the sample shows how the boost-eq pushes the bassman into a beautifully complex overdrive tone.

download the user manual here.
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