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j-drive mk3 overdrive/clean boost

price : $219.00

Introduced at winter NAMM 2006, the TR evolution of the J-Drive integrates even more functionality and tonal variations into the combined drive and clean boost concept.

In the clean boost section, the TR has an independently switchable clean boost consisting of a Vishay JFET and germanium (NOS mil spec NPN 2N388 JAN's) booster that can be changed to a much higher gain germanium only 'treble booster' by pulling up on the boost section gain knob.

Turning on both the treble boost and drive circuit together gives some amazing lead tones with just the right touch of germanium sizzle. We've also added a cool transformer output stage to the overdrive section - it has a wonderful smoothing effect on the upper mids and highs, placing an inductive source impedance at the amps input as a guitar's pickup would (but at a lower output impedance so it works great into other pedals as well as amps).

Our 'Close Asymmetry' overdrive circuit utilizes a Schottky barrier diode for smooth asymmetrical clipping - which combined with the transformer output gives a liquid smooth sustain with punch. We've also added a toggle switchable high frequency shelf filter to add extra 'bite' when needed.


true bypass signal path for both the clean boost and drive sections

discrete clean boost circuit with JFET input/germanium drive, transformable to a higher gain germanium only treble booster by pulling up on the clean boost gain knob

premium audio components, including 2% polypropylene capacitors, 1% metal film resistors and a Burr Brown OPA2134 opamp

NOS 2N388 JAN germanium transistor

post-volume control overdrive transformer output stage that smooths upper mids and highs

'Close Asymmetry' Schottky diode clipping circuit

switchable highpass shelf filter for additional 'bite', implemented without additional active components

battery or standard negative tip 9V DC adapter operation

To download the diamond j-drive mk3 user manual as a pdf file, please click here.
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