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diamond pedals

price : $169.00

the diamond marquis is based on the boost section of the popular, but very limited edition diamond j-drive tr which is in turn based on classic treble booster circuits. ideally suited to pushing the front end of an already overdriven amplifier the marquis offers the choice of a classic germanium treble boost sounds or a 'hybrid' mode that provides a clean, full range boost.

treble boost- it may not be what you think!
when people hear the term 'germanium treble boost pedal', they often assume that it simply boosts treble frequencies much like an eq. in fact, germanium boosters generally cut some low end while boosting the upper mids. they also tend to introduce a certain amount of 'grit' or overdrive of their own. by running this 'hot' signal into an already overdriven amplifier (or a good overdrive pedal) you can produce a very different result from simply turning up the treble.

germanium treble boosters are responsible for some of the most well known guitar tones of the 60's and 70's, providing increased overdrive and sustain along with a characteristic sonic signature.

premium audio components
switchable germanium or 'hybrid' modes
true bypass operation
new old stock germanium transistor
true bypass signal path
battery or standard negative tip 9v dc
adapter operation

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