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diamond pedals
memory lane 2

price : $599.00

the diamond memory lane 2 - the evolution of analog delay.

the memory lane 2 expands on the innovations of the original memory lane offering several new features requested by players and a new twist that further bridges the feature gap between analog and digital delays while retaining the warmth and unique sound of bucket brigade delay devices in an all analog signal path.

with this newly revised version of our highly acclaimed analog delay pedal players now have the ability to control delay time via an expression pedal input, footswitch between two independent delay times: one set via the delay knob, the other set using the tap tempo footswitch function. in addition, we've added a dotted 8th note setting for producing 'u2 style' rhythmic delays.

slapback mode- we've also added a 'slapback' switch to the back of the pedal which allows dly1 to be set to a single repeat while dly2 can have as many as you like further enhancing the useability of the pedal.

spaceship mode- many players loved the way the original memory lane could easily be coaxed into self oscillation, but for some players it was a little too easy. we've reduced the sensitivity of the default mode for higher feedback (more repeats) before self oscillation but for the players who are into those jet-fuled, screaming self oscillation sounds, there's an internal switch to enable 'spaceship mode". in this mode the feedback path is even more sensitive than the original memory lane- fun, fun, fun!

memory lane 'upgrades' - we've been asked a lot about upgrading the original memory lane pedals to memory lane 2 specification. unfortunately this isn't possible as the internal layout is different between the two pedals- if you look inside the original you'll see that a large section of the pcb is located where the dly1/dly2 footswitch is on the memory lane 2. it isn't physically possible to mod the original to the new version.

view or download the memory lane 2 manual.

some early comments from memory lane 2 users-
- "just got my new ml2 today... it is fantastic!!!"
- "i am very impressed with it's flexibility and sound...thanks for making such an amazing delay."
- "i have used the ****** and ****** but sold them and made the switch to analog... i am in analog delay heaven."

feature list:
- 550 ms approx analog delay time using 2 nos mn3005ís running at 15v
- expression pedal input to control analog delay time
- tap tempo footswitch control of analog delay time, with dotted 8th note setting for rhythmic delays
- footswitch between 2 completely independent delay times: one set using tap tempo, one set using delay knob
- vibrato modulation depth and speed controls
- tilt eq in delay / feedback path provides subtle control over frequency spectrum of repeats (from increasingly dark repeats to flat to increasingly bright repeats)
- 'kill-dry' delay only output for amplifiers with parallel effect loops
- inserting cable into delay only output jack automatically removes delay signal from mix output giving separate direct only and delay only outputs
- true bypass operation for mix/direct output
- pristine signal paths using premium opamps, polypropylene caps and metal film resistors
- expression pedal input to control feedback level
- ability to use standard 1/4" stereo to two 1/4" mono insert cable in expression pedal input to insert an effect or chain of effects into the feedback loop (can also be used to insert a standard volume pedal as feedback control)
- led flashes for visual feedback of delay time
- self-oscillating feedback path with ability to shape via feedback eq in realtime
- analog voltage supply internally regulated to 15v for low noise operation and increased headroom in line level effect loops
- rugged genuine hammond aluminum diecast enclosure
- dc adapter included

here's the new memory lane 2 pcb. once the nos ics are plugged and calibrated it will be finished. note the surface mount components. using surface mount technology in the control circuitry (but not in the audio path) has allowed for additional features while maintaining the classic memory lane sound and size.

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