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price : $450.00

at the core of the drumdokta2 is the same analog sound engine from the original drumdokta module which itself was based on a 30 year old japanese drum machine. the original had a rather grungy “electro” sound and the drumdokta2 is no different in this regard, but with some added controls and extensions over the voice parameters the sound can be taken beyond the original unit.

as with the originals the drumdokta2 inherits cool things like the ability to accent notes after they have been struck. we’ve also added a powerful sequencer with trigger outs and vactrol distortion and limiting to make a complete drum solution in a small package. you can use it standalone or as a compliment to an existing drum setup or a combination of both, the choice is yours.

what we have ended up with is a modern polyrhythmic drum module with vintage tone, charm and character. the original drumdokta idea started since i was often using more than 50% of my modular just to make drum sounds. sure there were already drum modules on the market but most took up vast amounts of modular real estate and that's not to mention the price. there had to be a better way i thought. so here you have the second iteration of that same idea, a low cost solution for drums that won’t break the bank or take up too much room in your case (ok we’ve used a little more space this time).

now before you head off and explore the possibilities please take a moment to read the installation and quick start notes, it won’t take a moment and will make all the difference. if you are still stuck then be sure to check the troubleshooting guide towards the end of the manual.

sound core based on drum-dokta drm-110 with a much improved noise floor but retaining a vintage drum sound.
bass drum, snare drum, open hat, closed hat, cymbal, clapy and accent included as standard.
7 track sequencer with up to 64 step tracks, in collaboration with sonic potions (makers of lxr drum machine).
each track can have its own independent last step (poly rhythms galore!)
6 aux trigger outs clock in, reset, cv over snappy, cv over bpf
width 36hp, skiff friendly, and reverse power protected, comes with "infrared mode" easter egg (can you find it?)
depth 20 mm, measured from the rear of the faceplate to the pcb or 30 mm, measured from the rear of the faceplate to the edge of the supplied and connected power cable.
power consumption: max 50 ma +12, 10 ma -12

download the users manual here.

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