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sara vcf

price : $315.00

the sara vcf is a fully voltage controlled state variable filter with dual “opposing” self oscillating cores. the tone capabilities can range from delicate to outrageous and all stops in between. everything from classic vintage twin filter setups, oscillator into filter (quasi-lpg), self oscillation and formant style soundscapes. the sara vcf does well both in classic duties and experimental sounds (just try self patching the state control from one of the core outs)

with cv over every control the modulation possibilities open the palette of sound even further.

width 16 hp

35 mm, measured from the rear of the faceplate .
44 mm, measured from the rear of the faceplate to the edge of the supplied and connected power cable.

power consumption:
45 ma +12
45 ma -12

click here for the user manual.

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