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mattson sq816 sequencer

price : $970.00

the sequencer for the mattson mini modular is available in the eurorack format. one 52hp panel includes all the functions of the main sequencer and the expansion module. here are some of the sequencer's basic features:

2 rows of 8 steps, or daisy-chain them for a 16-step sequence.

a user tap-tempo mode that overrides the internal vc or external clocks providing both timing and gate-length.

global and individual stage 0/+1 octave shift.

three user-selectable gate length outputs: short, follow (the clock duty cycle) and long.

row 1 and/or row 3 quantized/linear output selection (1v/o format)

various inputs and outputs for daisy-chaining multiple units.

run-on-gate input allows for sequencer stage advance only when a gate is applied to the input.

ping-pong and random modes. switching back to ping-pong from random re-enters at the same point and direction that it left at.

manual push-button mute during forward or reverse run operations.

standard stage advance or, start-on stage operation. the sequencer starts on the stage it is set to on the next valid clock cycle without having to preset it to the stage prior to the stage you want it to start on.

multiple "regions" between the stages that can be user defined for start and end points.

16 independent stage gate outputs (+5v).

foot switch jack that parallels the panel pushbutton or, can be configured with a jumper for use with future features.

midi output providing note on/off, note value and octave shifts for recording the programmed events on a midi recorder.

usb port for updating the sequencer's firmware.

reverse-polarity protection.

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